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Happy birthday !!!

Hi there,

This is our birthday posting. Like you will have noticed our little project was getting one year old yesterday. And therefore we need a little present…unfortunately presents for software seem to be awkward, we decided to provide you a new version as a present for you ;).

From now on you can get YAACC in version 1.1.2 directly from Sourceforge and froid.org will follow soon.

Since our last version is right now three months old we have plenty of new features. The most interesting are (at least in my humble opinion):
– Streaming the same data to multiple receivers at once
– Providing thumbnails for browsing images
– Shuffling the streamed media

Next to the technical changes we also changed our way of releasing. Till now we were always providing a huge set of features for our releases ( or at least for this and the last one 😉 ). We switched this to having smaller releases but will provide them way more often. To prevent our version number from exploding we decided to use not just major and minor but also minimal fixing releases. Therefore we right now have a three parted version numbers.

Since this is version 1.1.2 you might ask where version 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 have gone. Actually you can still download them via Sourceforge but we needed to bury them as soon as we released them, due to some minor problems on our way through the GIT merging hell ;).

So long,
Have a nice first advent,