More improvements

Hello again,

there have been many improvements to YAACC since my last update. Despite what I posted last, we decided to get the remote playback up and running… and well, it runs quite great (mostly 😉 ). Nevertheless our focus currently is to get a certain feature set running very well and not a piece of software that can do everything a bit but nothing perfectly.

So controlling the receiver device is currently quite stable and things like image slide-shows, playing and stopping videos and music are running quite well on our test devices (Other android devices with YAACC, Raspberry PIs with XBMC, ….). We did some changes in the UI, to provide a better integration to other Android apps. Therefore we switched to the common android icon set for our control buttons.

Despite stabilizing our app and improving the look and feel there has been a huger change in accessing the available media providers. Right now the app starts and provided you a list with devices that provide media files. When hitting one of them it’s content is opened and you can play it like before. This should make the usage way more intuitive. The receiver selection is still the settings menu but we are thinking about to improve this selection next.

In addition to this it is now also possible to launch a player for each type of media, like music, video or images when starting playback. This provides the possibility to orchestrate multiple receiver devices at once. For example playing music on your stereo and showing a picture slide-show on your TV. Currently it’s a bit tricky to switch between players but we will focus on this also ;).

That’s it for now

Cheers Eyeless

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