Presenting a new UPnP media player to the world

Welcome to our homepage!

Since this is the first post, I will use it to introduce our project (and us) to the world.

The Project:
YAACCYet Another Android Client Controller

We are creating an Android application  that is capable of communicating with any UPnP device in its network. When we say UPnP this includes DLNA, since DLNA is a subset of UPnP. At first we will cover everything that has to do with playing media via UPnP. This means:
– play music, movies and pictures from your Android device on your UPnP enabled TV, smartphone, computer, tablet, receiver…
– play media files from any UPnP device in your local network on your Android device
– play media files from one UPnP device on another UPnP device (your Android device will act as remote control)

Afterwards we may continue with integrating other services or devices, but this is the far far away future.

The Motivation:
Most people have multiple devices at their home that are capable of communicating with each other via the local area network (like smart TVs, NAS, receivers, mobile phones, etcetera), since they are providing some UPnP services. Unfortunately most vendors only support a small range of possibilities to interact with other devices. E.g. is your TV able to play audio and video files from your NAS but it has an awful browsing behaviour. Or you want to play the music from your mobile on your network attached receiver in the living room, but your Android mobile lacks the possibility to stream your music files to it.

The Vision:
YAACC is trying to close this technological gap by providing a new centre of media control. It contains its own UPnP server, so it is able to broadcast everything stored on your Android device. Next to this you can use it to orchestrate your whole multimedia infrastructure through a simple and intuitive user interface.

The Current State:
At the moment we provide a simple UPnP server implementation and some rudimentary playback features. Detecting and browsing foreign devices and folders works. Next to this also playing files from other devices works, but some mediatypes (like images) are currently a bit better supported then others. Although the idea where the path leads is quite clear, there are many things we are currently trying out and testing. So please be patient if not everything works like a charm right now.

The License:
Since we love open source software and think it’s one of the best ways to achieve both wide distribution and high code quality, YAACC is developed under GPLv3. Feel free to use and share it without any warranty. Licence details are documented at

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