Yaacc 1.1.6 is ready

Hello world,

today I finished the work on release 1.1.6. It is available at sf.net and soon also at f-droid.org!

The release includes a lot of minor fixed and it is now possible to seek tracks. See the release notes for details.

Hope you enjoy the new version!

Have fun,

Work is going on

Hello world,

after a few month with various infrastructural problems on yaacc and yaacc.de, I am looking forward to finish the work on release 1.1.6.

The next release will mainly include bugfixes and minor improvements for the players.

Have fun,


A new release is available

Hi folks,

just in time for Christmas the new release  1.1.5 of yaacc is available. At the moment it is only accessible via yaacc.de and sourceforge.net. I hope the release will be integrated in fdroid.org soon.

YAACC is now using a tab based browser for example and we have started to implement the upnp spec in version 3 which enables synchronization informations for upnp media renderer. Look at the release notes and checkout out what’s new in detail.

Hope you have fun with the new release!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone!



Work is going on

Hi folks,

after a few month of silence around yaacc, we are now back in charge! We are looking forward to finish the open tickets for release-1.1.5.  If you are interested in yaacc, feel free to leave your comment, rating on SF.net or just mail us. We are also pleased about your bug reports…

That’s it for today.

Have fun!








Hi out there!

Right now we put out our new release 1.1.4 . It is already available at F-Droid and at SourceForge. This time there are some huge improvements at the server side and look’n feel.

We finally managed to get all the media at your device sorted in various ways, so browsing and organizing the local media store is way easier. Next to this we did a big step at showing album art while browsing. Now the player shows cover art (if available) and at the same condition out is shown while browsing.
Next to this two big hits we had many minor improvements and fixes. See our ticket list for some more detailed information. We encourage you to switch to the new version for a better (and more reliable) Yaacc experience, so grab it while it’s hot 😉

Next we try to focus on everything you report to us. So may it be bugs, nice to haves or urgently needed features, please let us know via comment, forum post or mail. If you like our app please feel free to rate us at SourceForge! Right now this part of our website looks a little bit deserted…

Have fun with the new release!
So long

Happy new year!

Hello out there!

no new release today, but we wish you a happy new year!

Thank you very much for your feedback, suggestions and comments during the last year. We tried to put everything into our app to get you satisfied, as long as is useful in our opinion 😉 . So please keep up sending us mails, bug reports and comments.

Looking forward to get a year with many improvements, new features and some more time to spend on YAACC.

So long,

Merry Christmas

A few days before Christmas we brought to you a new yaacc release as a kind of Christmas present :-).
This release is a smaller one than the last. This is exactly the way we want to release new versions in future. Smaller releases can be developed in a shorter time and let you participate new features faster.

The new features of this version are:

* improved compatibility with other upnp devices
* autostart upnp server and renderer
* display of upnp device icons
* minor fixes and improvements

Thanks to the users of yaacc and many thanks for your feature requests and bug reports! Your feedback is helping us to continually improve yaacc.

The new release is downloadable via yaacc.de, sourceforge.net and f-droid.org.

That’s all for today!

Have fun,

Happy birthday !!!

Hi there,

This is our birthday posting. Like you will have noticed our little project was getting one year old yesterday. And therefore we need a little present…unfortunately presents for software seem to be awkward, we decided to provide you a new version as a present for you ;).

From now on you can get YAACC in version 1.1.2 directly from Sourceforge and froid.org will follow soon.

Since our last version is right now three months old we have plenty of new features. The most interesting are (at least in my humble opinion):
– Streaming the same data to multiple receivers at once
– Providing thumbnails for browsing images
– Shuffling the streamed media

Next to the technical changes we also changed our way of releasing. Till now we were always providing a huge set of features for our releases ( or at least for this and the last one 😉 ). We switched this to having smaller releases but will provide them way more often. To prevent our version number from exploding we decided to use not just major and minor but also minimal fixing releases. Therefore we right now have a three parted version numbers.

Since this is version 1.1.2 you might ask where version 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 have gone. Actually you can still download them via Sourceforge but we needed to bury them as soon as we released them, due to some minor problems on our way through the GIT merging hell ;).

So long,
Have a nice first advent,

Yaacc goes Vagrant

In order to unify our development environment we have setup a vagrant box.
Vagrant is a tool for easily create an identical development environment for a team
by using virtual os instances.
With Vagrant it will be possible to setup a shareable unified development, release and test environment.
Using an unified process let us create yaacc releases faster in future and setup a regression test environment.
If you are interested in the development environment take a look at our wiki

Have fun,

Expanding, expanding, expanding…

Hi there,

right now again two months since our last post have passed by.

Nevertheless we are working on our agenda to complete the last tasks for our next release (Like you might have seen here).
Since we published our first stable version 1.0 on Fdroid was quite a success (right now quite over 2k downloads) we will continue publishing on this channel. Next to this there still is bleeding edge version with some new shiny features like multicasting and picture thumbnails.

Currently we are working on simple vagrant setup for our development environment. OpenBit will give a little bit more detailed overview of this as soon as it’s ready. Unfortunately a small company decided to put a new sdk on the market that provides some issues to get integrated 😉 .

So long,